Bio-Tech Hybrids:

780 GT

78 DAY

  • Super early, big yield!

  • Exciting new genetics!

885 3010GT

88 DAY

  • New, high yield hybrid.

  • Top choice for grain or silo.

123 3110

102 DAY

  • Powerhouse performance with dual purpose stature.

  • Truely a "MUST PLANT" hybrid for your farm.

827 GT

82 DAY

  • Industry leading performance.

  • Strong yielding, strong standing.

  • Must plant!

937 3110GTA

93 DAY

  • Consistent high yields, improved agronomics, and "Artesian" drought tolerant!

130 GT

103 DAY

  • Dual purpose, stress taking, grain making yield leader!

  • Proven consistant performer!

868 GTA

86 DAY

  • Hot new release!

  • Look for increased yields, superior agronomics, and "Artesian" drought tolerance.

110 GTA

101 DAY

  • Dual purpose hybrid with "Artesian" drought breeding.

  • "More grain with less rain!"

132 3010GT

103 DAY

  • Leading dual purpose performance and look of MG 7130/MG 130 GT, but improved!



hybrids are available with Corn Root Worm (CRW) breeding and Refuge In Bag (RIB) convenience. Due to limited demand, these hybrids are sold "special order." Ask your dealer for availability!